Training Dogs with Love
Oprah with her golden retrievers Luke, Layla and Gracie
The Oprah Show is going to the dogs! Oprah is sharing her personal dog coach to help all dog lovers learn life-changing lessons.

Oprah and Stedman decided to expand their family—which already included their cocker spaniels, Sophie and Solomon—with two white golden retriever puppies. But once they arrived at the breeder, a third puppy with a lovable overbite captured Oprah's heart. "What's the difference between two and three?" Oprah asked. "Huge," Stedman said.

Oprah and Stedman took Luke, Layla and Gracie home, but Oprah soon found there really was a big difference between two and three pups. Soon, the chewing, biting and pooping got to be too much. "I wanted to do it myself. I wanted to be responsible. I wanted them to bond with me," Oprah says. "And then after about three months, reality had sunk in. My three puppies needed training."

Sadly, Gracie died after a sudden accident when she was two years old.