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Although Tamar's first sessions with the puppies did wonders for Oprah's family, Oprah had to call Tamar for help with the number-one problem dog owners have—jumping.

Whether Oprah's been gone for five minutes or five hours, Luke and Gracie immediately jump on her when she returns. "It's a lot of love, Tamar, but a little too much love because they also do it to strangers," Oprah says.

Tamar says the problem is simple—they just want to be loved. "They are so excited to see the mom that they forget the manners," Tamar says. "They were getting rewarded for behavior that you didn't like because every time they jumped you looked at them, you smiled at them, you petted them so they were like, 'Yes, we want to do it again!'"

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Tamar has a three-step method to teach Luke, Layla and Gracie to stay on all fours:

Step 1: Turn your back. "I want you to be the center of the universe," Tamar says. "Therefore, I want you to love them so much that when you take the love away they're like, 'Oh, what can we do to get her love back?'"

Step 2: Tell the dog to sit. "I want them to know that the only time you're going to look at them and you're going to touch them is when they're sitting," Tamar says. "I want them to feel like they're exploding, but yet they are not moving their tush off the ground."

Step 3: Give a treat, but make sure to keep your hand low. "If you give your treat [too high], she's going to jump to get it," Tamar says.
FROM: Loving Our Dogs
Published on January 01, 2006


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