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Pete and Cathy urge the media to focus on the positive things the victims had accomplished, not the heinous act of one individual. "People need to know about her and all the other victims and all the good that they did," Cathy says. "They went to Virginia Tech. I mean, they wanted to invent the future just like Virginia Tech says. They got started, but they didn't finish. We need to talk about that and we need to get that information out because that's what's important."

Pete hopes more media will choose to focus on the people who lost their lives, rather than the killer. "Some of the media have chosen to spend an hour inside the mind of a person whose mind we shouldn't want to spend time in. Why don't we want to spend an hour in the mind of aspiring teachers and people who want to serve our country and heroes like Professor Librescu, who blocked the door with his body to save his students?" Pete says. "We want all the media to make the positive choice and not a choice for the death and the darkness and the madness. Choose life. Choose light and choose love in your coverage."
FROM: The Virginia Tech Videotape Controversy
Published on January 01, 2006


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