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Meth can cause paranoia, hallucinations, rotten teeth, brain damage and even death, Dr. Tara says. So why are so many people trying it?

"Mothers, and women in general, are still pressured to do everything, to be perfect," Dr. Tara says. "The house is never perfect enough. Their body isn't perfect enough. So all of a sudden, they do this drug, and at least the first time, it seems like there's a lot of benefit. You don't feel like eating. You can get twice as many dishes done. ... But what they don't realize is if you continue doing it, you end up losing everything."

No matter what your deep, dark secret is, Dr. Tara urges you to tell someone. "We are as sick as our secrets," she says. "Whatever the original pain was that we were trying to medicate, whether it's through bulimia or obsessive compulsive behavior, the shame of hiding it and lying to our loved ones ... only makes the pain worse. ... The first step is realizing everybody feels pain. Everybody's got some secret. Speak to someone. One person."
FROM: The Mom Afraid to Touch Her Own Children
Published on October 19, 2006