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Two of Tom's best friends in Hollywood wanted to join in on our celebration—Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith. "Every man can't just slide in a room nekkid with sunglasses on and pull it off," Will says. "So I knew at that point—he's a star."

Tom and Jada starred together in Collateral. "He's really wonderful to work with," she says. "Always full of energy. That's how he and I became friends because we just had a real good time together."

Jada says Tom's professional accomplishments are impressive, but there's much more to Tom. "To me, nothing that he's done professionally holds a candle to who he is as a human being. And that's real."

Will agrees. "I've met very few people who have made that commitment that when they leave this place, they want the world to be better, period, because they were here. And this dude has made that," he says. "There's not a single piece of press, there's not been a single interview, there's not been a single image in the 25 years of his career that gets anywhere near capturing who he is."

"Well, Tom, man, congratulations," Will says. "We've got nothing but love for you, T.C."

Tom says Will and Jada's friendship means everything to him. "They're just true, real people, and I love them," he says.
FROM: Celebrating 25 Years in Film with Tom Cruise
Published on May 29, 2008


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