Tina Fey's Lasting Impression
Tina Fey
She's been called one of the funniest women on the planet. Former Saturday Night Live writer and cast member Tina Fey has been making millions laugh since her television debut almost 10 years ago. Now, this Emmy-winning comedian is writing and producing NBC's hit show 30 Rock.

Since 30 Rock premiered in 2006, many famous faces have guest-starred alongside Tina. From former Vice President Al Gore to Jerry Seinfeld, fans never know who might pop up on the screen.

When Tina made her first Oprah Show appearance in May 2008, she said there was one person she'd love to have on the show...Oprah! "I always say I want Oprah to come on and play my best friend, and we'll hang out," she said. "I start talking about it so much, the reporter kind of backs out of the room."

Oprah says the next thing she knew, she had a script and was learning her lines! "We are so grateful that you're a woman of your word," Tina says to Oprah. "A lot of other people would have wriggled out and tried to get out of doing it."