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In September 2008, Oprah flew to 30 Rock's New York set to film her scene. Though Tina, the show's creator, originally wanted Oprah to play her best friend, she opted to have Oprah play herself instead.

To cut down on production time, their scene was shot in one location—an airplane. "It was almost like you were a tiger we were trying to capture," Tina says. "We were like, 'If we can get Oprah in this enclosed area, we can just put cameras everywhere.'"

In the scene, Tina's character, Liz Lemon, gets seated next to Oprah and hilarity ensues! "As probably happens to you in real life, [my character] is kind of bugging you a lot and wants to talk to you a lot," Tina says. "I get you to tell me about some of your 'favorite things.'"

Oprah says she had a great time on the set with Tina and the 30 Rock crew. Would Tina invite her back to reprise her role? "You were very professional. You took direction well. You knew all your lines," Tina says. "We will have you back anytime you want to come back!'"
FROM: Will Smith and Tina Fey
Published on November 06, 2008


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