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Tim has just the prescription to cure Ahmses' scrub addiction . "We were taking the doctor out of the hospital but not the hospital out of the doctor," Tim says. "We essentially wanted scrubs alternatives here, and that's what we decided to do. A less structured men suiting so that there was ease and comfort—no tie—so that this is a way that Ahmses can navigate the real world outside of the hospital environment and still look like who he is."

Ahmses says Tim's makeover made him realize he was using his scrubs to hide his true self. "Now I feel confident to just be who I am," he says. "I have the confidence now with this to fulfill my destiny being a medical inventor and making the world a better place. "

Jacket: Calvin Klein Stonal jacket, Dillards.com; pants: Calvin Klein Stonal pants, Dillards.com; shirt: Calvin Klein, Dillards.com; belt: Roundtree & Yorke, Dillards.com; pocket square: Murano, Dillards.com; Boot: Clarks Desert boot in gray, Nordstrom.com.
FROM: Oprah's Make Over My Man Crew: Carson Kressley and Tim Gunn Strike Again!
Published on May 05, 2010


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