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After only 60 minutes, Thom and his team have turned Stephanie's boy's club bedroom into a beach-inspired retreat.

To start, Thom repainted the walls with a coral color. "I wanted to bring little elements of the beach in, and the color was really important," Thom says. "There's nothing easier and less expensive than just going with a fabulous color on your wall." For another seaside touch, Thom replaced the ceiling fan with a coral-inspired chandelier.

Thom tackled the floor, windows and lighting next. In the old layout, Stephanie and Dan's bed faced the bathroom, so Thom repositioned the furniture to make the windows the focal point. Then, he added plenty of lamps and a rug on top of the carpet. "Very basic carpet is great, but layer it with a really beautiful rug that compliments it and gives it a hit of power," Thom says.

"This is all about Mom having her sanctuary. You deserve it," Thom says.

"I love it," Stephanie says. "Everything is beautiful."
FROM: Princess Fannie Moves Back Home
Published on September 22, 2008