Julie struggles with being single.
What's it like to be a 30-something woman in America today? From religious devotion to home schooling to struggling to become pregnant, women across the country face a wide variety of issues.

One issue that plagues an average of 6.3 million women in America is being single. Julie, a Chicago pediatrician, struggles with the stigma of being alone in her 30s. "I've tried JDate, a Jewish Internet dating service,, setups by my friends," Julie says. "I recently adopted a dog, hoping to meet someone out in the dog park." Like many single women in America, Julie is no stranger to the dating scene—but finding dates isn't always the problem. "It's not that there are no men to date. It's that I'm not meeting anyone that I'm attracted to. Nobody that I think is quality, and worthy of me and what I have to offer and what I want to do."

Now Julie thinks that marriage may not even be what she wants. Instead of waiting around for a husband, she's considering having a child on her own. "I'm probably going to investigate an anonymous donor and do it artificially...I want it to be my own biological child," she says.