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As a mother of eight, Angela is spending her 30s on a tight schedule. With no nanny, no babysitter and no housekeeper, Amy does household chores from 7 a.m. to 9 p.m.—plus, she homeschools her kids! "I've been a mom for 19 years," she says. "I do not try to be 'supermom.' I know that's not who I am."

From the 19-year-old to the 3-year-old, everyone pitches in around the house. "There's a lot to be done each day, but the kids help me with everything from making beds to washing dishes, and cooking food and [doing] laundry," Angela says. "We all pull together, and that's what really works for us to keep things going."

Taking charge of educating all eight children is a challenge, but Angela tries to add an element of fun to each day. "My goal is not to give my children lots of chores and schoolwork," she explains. "I want them to love doing all these things in the process. I think that fun builds relationships, and I want that for them."
FROM: Thirty-Something in America
Published on January 25, 2007