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Jim says he and his girlfriend, actress Jenny McCarthy, have big plans while he's in Chicago, Jenny's hometown. "We're just going to go everywhere she ever existed. That's what we've been doing so far. We'll continue to do that. You know, where she had her first kiss and travel around and see all those places that were near and dear to her—and I'm going to put my scent all over them so it will never be the same for her," he jokes.

Jim says the great relationship he has with Jenny is the result of personal growth. "I think what happens is you go along and you try a lot of different things in relationships and different people and you realize that you're not going to attract the person that's right for you until you become a whole person yourself," he says. "It's really not about completing someone or being completed by someone."

Although he says they are in love, even Jim has his limits. He jokes with Oprah, "She's wonderful and I'm very in love, but I'm not going to jump up and down on your couch."
FROM: Jim Carrey, Carol Burnett and Steve Carell
Published on February 18, 2008


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