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Anne has a shocking theory about her sister in-law's death. Anne says she believes that Scott and Laci's backyard pool may play a role in the murder.

Anne: When he was staying with us, he left two, maybe three times to go clean the pool. And I just thought that that was so strange that here his wife's missing and he's concerned about his pool.

Oprah: He left your house to go clean the pool? Oh, boy.

Anne: Yes. And I asked him why? I said, "Why would you even care about your pool right now?" And he said it was turning green and he didn't want the neighbors to see it. But when I noticed the aerial view pictures of his house, there is a huge fence all the way around it. So I don't think the neighbors can even see it anyway.

Oprah: So you believe, what, he drowned her in the pool?

Anne: I think so. That's my personal theory.
FROM: Scott Peterson's Sister: 33 Reasons Why My Brother Is Guilty
Published on March 03, 2005


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