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Although Jackie Peterson is both Anne and Scott's biological mother, Anne was a fairly new addition to the Peterson family when Laci disappeared. Anne was given up for adoption soon after her birth in 1965 and first met her birth mother, Jackie, and her half-brother, Scott, in 1997. Anne says blending into the Peterson family was easy. "When I met Jackie and Lee [Jackie's husband] and all the kids and all the relatives, I just thought, 'Gosh, I am so lucky,'" Anne says. "'These people are so wonderful. They're so nice; down to earth.'"

Anne says she was particularly enamored with Scott. "I had heard him called the golden boy from several other relatives," Anne says. "When I first met Scott, I immediately understood what everybody was talking about. He was just this kind of all-American: big smile and really polite, very courteous, darling. And I thought, 'Wow, this is the golden boy.'"

Publicly, Jackie painted a picture of family unity, but behind closed doors Anne says she saw a different side of Laci and Jackie's relationship. "It seemed to come down to this golden child image of [Scott's], Jackie kind of putting him up on a pedestal," Anne says. "Laci wasn't good enough. There was no one good enough for Scott."
FROM: Scott Peterson's Sister: 33 Reasons Why My Brother Is Guilty
Published on March 03, 2005


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