Nate Berkus
Our hopes and prayers are with the millions of families touched by this terrible tragedy. If you want to open your heart and contribute to largest relief effort in human history, here are a few of the organizations that are bringing hope to those who have lost almost everything. See how Oprah's Angel Network is reaching out.
Nate Berkus' Miraculous Survival
On January 5, 2005, Nate Berkus sent us this statement: "I am safe and home. Your prayers have been a blessing through all of this. The search for my partner Fernando Bengoechea continues, and your support in this search has provided comfort and solace to me and those close to Fernando. I ask that we all continue to pray and come together, as a people, in providing aid to those in need. And, I thank you for allowing me and those close to me to have the time we need to heal through this devastation."

Now, Nate Berkus and other tsunami victims share their incredible stories of survival. Their struggle, their courage and their strength is remarkable.

Nate's statement from January 20, 2005.
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Published on January 05, 2005


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