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On October 25, 2004, Gary would tragically discover how depressed Angela had become. That day, Gary says, Angela was sick in bed. "She was really, really sad. And her tone was hopeless," Gary says. "I remember I was watching TV and she had gotten up around midnight. She was annoyed with me. She had been a little irrational and that's what made me think, 'I need to go just make sure she's okay.'"

Gary says he lay down next to her, and she sent him out of the room to get her something to drink. "And then when I walked out to get her a Coke, I heard a pop. I remember going in there and seeing her. I just absolutely fell apart," he says.

Police told Gary that Angela had put a gun in her mouth. "She had come off the bed and opened up a safe underneath and pulled out a pistol and got back in bed and put it in her mouth and pulled the trigger," Gary says.
FROM: Stars Pull Back the Veil on Depression
Published on January 01, 2006


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