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Beginning in 1991, Lorraine says she endured a series of events that sent her into a 10-year tailspin. Her relationship with movie star Harvey Keitel came to a bitter end after she admitted to having an affair with actor Edward James Olmos. "I wasn't fulfilled. I wasn't happy," Lorraine says. "And not being mature enough to own up to those feelings, I was trying to escape."

The split sparked a vicious custody battle over her and Harvey's daughter, Stella, and left Lorraine almost $3 million in debt. "I had to declare bankruptcy. I was broke financially and emotionally," Lorraine says. "The bank was going to foreclose on the house. I was worried about where I was going to get the next meal from." During this time, Stella was also diagnosed with juvenile rheumatoid arthritis.

Lorraine says she felt like a failure. "It really was ... the lowest I'd been in my life," she says. "I was so busy fighting and so busy trying to keep everything above water that I didn't realize I was spiraling downward with nowhere to go."
FROM: Stars Pull Back the Veil on Depression
Published on January 01, 2006


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