Road-Trippers in Hobart, Tasmania
Six friends—and Oprah Show Ultimate Viewers—explore the Tasmanian town of Hobart and the surrounding areas.
Landing in Hobart
On December 8, 2010, the six road-tripping friends from The Oprah Show's 25th season premiere land in Hobart, the capital of the Australian island state of Tasmania—or "Tassie" as the locals call it. Hobart is the second oldest city in Australia.
Tasmanian scenery
Soaking up the beautiful Tasmanian scenery.
The Tasmanian coast
During an island cruise, the road-trippers admire the towering sea cliffs—some of the highest in the southern hemisphere—off Tasmania's coast.
Port Arthur
The view at Port Arthur, a former penal colony on the Tasman Peninsula. The prison closed in 1877, and it is now Tasmania's top tourist site. In this scenic spot, the road-trippers enjoy a gourmet picnic lunch prepared by renowned Tasmanian chef Rodney Dunn.
Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery
Gayle, Kathy, Eveyln, Linda, Debby, Mary and Peggy gather for dinner at Hobart's Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery.
Meadowbank Winery
In the Coal Valley Wine Region, the friends visit a vineyard at Meadowbank Estate, the winery where they meet up with Gayle. Tasmania is one of the earliest regions in Australia to start producing wine and is home to more than 100 vineyards.