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As the flamboyant style expert on Bravo's Queer Eye for the Straight Guy, Carson is famously out. Even in kindergarten, he showed an aptitude for accessories!

From a young age, Carson knew he was different from most of his peers. "I remember all the [kids] were like, 'Isn't Farrah Fawcett hot? I was like, 'No, I'm kind of into Lee Majors.' ... My brother had [a magazine] that had Lee Majors on the cover. I remember being like 4 or 5 and just obsessing about it and hiding it so no one could find it."

To help children who feel like they don't fit in for whatever reason, Carson has written a book called You're Different and That's Super.

Even though Carson felt "different" from a young age, he didn't come out to his parents until two weeks before the series premiere of his show! "Thank God it was a really rainy day," he remembers. "I knew my mom couldn't freak out or we'd run the car off the road. ... [After I told her,] she was kind of like, 'Hello, I knew that.'"
FROM: When I Knew I Was Gay
Published on November 17, 2005


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