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The Oprah Show decided to put Will Smith's onscreen talent as a date doctor to the test by presenting him with a real-life guy in need of help: Mike Goobic. Co-star Kevin James lent his handsome help to the cause too! "Mike Goobic?" asks Kevin. "That's not going to grab the ladies."

Mike's last steady relationship ended in 1999. Why does he have such a hard time with women? Dr. Love diagnoses "symptoms of geekiness." For example, Mike's idea of small-talk includes frequent references to Star Trek, and at the gym his favorite pickup line is, "Make sure you wipe that down." His wardrobe is in a constant state of malfunction—a friend calls Mike's style "Hawaiian in nature." Mike prefers to describe his bright floral-patterned shirts as "art on cloth."

If you think he's looking bad so far, just wait till you see him on the dance floor. After Mike demonstrates an ugly booty-shaking, Will's advice is simple: "Don't do none of that ever again!"

Can the love doctors save him, or is this patient too far gone?
FROM: Will Smith Helps Guys Get Dates
Published on February 07, 2005