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Will and Jada have two children together. Will has another son from a previous marriage.

Oprah: One of the things you did so well—you blended your families and you included your ex as a part of the family because you knew you all had to get along.

Will: Absolutely. That's just what our life is, and, again, trying to fight it is the thing that is going to make it worse.

Oprah: So when you were going to have the baby, you sat down and said, "Now, what will our relationship be now that this baby is in the relationship?"

Will: Absolutely. And we sat down with Sharee—that's my ex; that's my baby's mama. And some really interesting things come out of there. You'd be surprised how much you don't understand what other people see your actions as; how other people view the things you say and the things that you do. And a lot of times just clarifying what your intentions are with people makes a huge difference.
FROM: Will Smith Helps Guys Get Dates
Published on February 07, 2005