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Clive Owen drove his way into the Hollywood spotlight in edgy BMW ads. Since then, this tall, dark, green-eyed Brit has built an impressive resume. Clive faced off with Matt Damon in The Bourne Identity, went Beyond Borders with Angelina Jolie and ruled the big screen as King Arthur. In Closer, Clive plays Julia Roberts' scorned husband who won't go down without a fight. In real life, Clive met his wife while they were playing Romeo and Juliet on stage! They now have two daughters.

Oprah: What a great job you did. You did an excellent job. And you're so convincing. What was it like playing [Julia's character's] husband?

Clive: It was fantastic. The whole experience of this film, for me, was like a gift.

Oprah: Is it true that you had said to somebody you were amazed at Julia's talent?

Clive: Well, yeah. Of course. I always think that…the very special ones are the ones that make it look so easy, and it's really easy to take that for granted, you know. To be that good and that confident in front of a camera, and working with the lady here is just—she's impressive when you see her. It's, wow, that's why Julia Roberts is the biggest actress in the world.
FROM: Julia Roberts Is Having Twins!
Published on November 04, 2004


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