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The movie Closer is the ultimate tangled web of love that lures you in with chilling tales of cheating. Dan, played by Jude Law, is a struggling writer who meets lonely Alice—Natalie Portman—in a chance encounter. But he also falls hard for confident Anna, played by Julia Roberts. Anna is married to Larry—Clive Owen—who later hooks up with Alice.

Julia credits director Mike Nichols with the movie's "brilliance" and "great architecture."

"Everything he says is like a pearl," Julia says of Nichols. "He said this movie is all beginnings and endings. There's no middle. Middle is boring. Everybody sits around doing middle all day long. This is just the beginning and the end, which are the most intense moments of our lives, of our relationships, of our everything. And I think the rest of the cast had already clued into that, and I just thought it was the most fascinating piece of information I ever received in my life. I was, like, 'There's no middles?' There are no middles. It's all, 'Nice to meet you. I love you. Guess what, I don't love you anymore.'"
FROM: Julia Roberts Is Having Twins!
Published on November 04, 2004


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