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At its heart, Australia is a love story. But Hugh and Nicole are friends—and Nicole is close with Hugh's wife, Deb. Did that make shooting Australia's steamy romantic scenes awkward?

Nicole says acting in these scenes requires a tremendous amount of trust. "A lot of it is still creating a mystery between you so that there is chemistry, because you don't want it to be like, 'How you doing, mate?' I mean, not when you're playing a love story," she says. "You commit to the love of the moment in the scene, and then you walk away from it and you go back to your life. But you have to make it believable in that moment in the sunset."

Hugh agrees that trust is crucial, and it's always easier to place your trust in a friend. "I feel like I could tell her anything. So even if it is awkward, I can say, 'This feels really awkward,'" he says. "It's kind of awkward when you have 70 people watching you."

"The whole thing is weird, and you just ignore it and move on," Nicole says.
FROM: Nicole Kidman and Hugh Jackman
Published on November 10, 2008