The Stars and Valentino
Naomi Campbell in Valentino
Valentino is the king of high fashion, ruling over one of the richest fashion empires in the world. For 45 years, Mr. Valentino has designed some of the most gorgeous clothing ever to grace the human body. Icons like Jackie Kennedy, Elizabeth Taylor and Princess Diana made his designs world renowned. Today, the most famous stars in the world won't set a foot on the red carpet without consulting Valentino first.

Even Oprah wore her first Valentino gown to the Emmys in 1994. "I loved it so much, I told Gayle that I wanted to be buried in it," says Oprah.

Here, Naomi Campbell is wearing a dress supermodel Elle Macpherson wore for Valentino's 40th anniversary in design celebration. It took one woman about one month to sew all the beads on by hand!