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Dana admits that she's a perfectionist housewife, like Marcia's character, Bree. She and her family have watched Desperate Housewives and couldn't believe the similarities. Rick, Dana's husband, says that Dana doesn't realize the toll it's taking on their marriage. He says that days before they host a party, their home becomes "hell on earth," and that Dana's obsession with perfection has decreased their level of intimacy.

"There have been times where I didn't think we were going to stay married," Rick says.

"My perfectionist attitude has a tremendous effect on my relationship with my husband," Dana says. "He's a great guy and I drive him nuts. And I don't want to do that."

Dana says seeing herself in Bree was hard, yet helpful. "Both of my kids literally turned around and said, 'Mom, that's you,'" says Dana. "Oh, my heart just sank. … Desperate Housewives is like therapy because I see how miserable the husband is. I see the kids. And it's like I need to learn how to tone it down."
FROM: Desperate Housewives
Published on October 15, 2004