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Actress Felicity Huffman played a savvy TV producer on the sitcom Sports Night. In Desperate Housewives, she's a reluctant stay-at-home mom in crisis. Felicity's character Lynette went from corporate bigwig to a frazzled stay-at-home mom of four children—all under the age of six.

In real life, Felicity juggles two kids and a career with her husband, fellow actor William H. Macy. Felicity says she can relate to the insanity that comes with motherhood. "I have two [kids] and my husband's home right now and I have help. But I find I'm pushed to the brink many times during the day. So, yes, I understand the insanity."

Being in "frazzled mommy mode" apparently helped Felicity get the role of Lynette. "I thought I pulled it together," says Felicity. "I had taken a shower. My shirt was clean. My shoes matched my pants. And then when [Executive Producers] Michael [Edelstein] and Marc [Cherry] talk about it, they were like, 'You were a mess! You came in, it was perfect!'"
FROM: Desperate Housewives
Published on October 15, 2004


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