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Actress Lara Flynn Boyle, best known for her role as an uptight lawyer on the hit TV show The Practice, is anything but uptight when it comes to fashion.

Oprah: Is it true you wore a $40 nightgown to a premiere once?

Lara: I did. Growing up I didn't have a lot of money and my mom always said, "It's not really about how much something costs but how you put it together and how you feel in it." And that nightgown I loved so I dyed it that color and wore it.

Oprah: Is it true you have red carpet tricks for…enhancing the boobies?

Lara: Oh, yeah. Everything from the tape to the jellies you put inside—it's a lot of work that goes on before what people see…and it can be a lot of work getting it all off!

Oprah: Did you ever have any emergencies on the red carpet?

Lara: I had a great dress that I wore to the ESPY's one year and I needed gold high heels for this. So I had a pair of high heels that I liked so I went in the garage and I spray painted them gold. And it was great, but then at the end of the award show it was hot outside and the gold spray paint started coming off on my legs.
FROM: Red Carpet Makeovers with Jessica Simpson
Published on February 25, 2005


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