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After taking the happiness test, Noreen found that she received the lowest score possible—a 5 out of 35. So how can Noreen find fulfillment? Dr. Holden says to look within her heart. "What really occurs to me is ... you are such a good person. ... But I realized that you've not made some of the best choices in your life in the past," Dr. Holden says. "Those choices, I think, are being motivated really by a lack of what I call self-acceptance, which is where we somehow don't believe we deserve any more than we have."

The law of attraction could make a big difference for Noreen, Dr. Holden says. "The way the law of attraction works is that as we increase our self-acceptance, we attract more happiness," he says.

Dr. Holden says that Noreen needs to realize that she is, indeed, a great person. One way she can do that is to surround herself with people who already know that. "I think it's also great to have some friends around you who can remind you, because we do forget," Dr. Holden says.

Noreen says she feels like she's taking her first step on the road to happiness. "I feel like I'm starting. I can feel it," she says.
FROM: How Happy Are You?
Published on April 11, 2007


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