1. Dante Brown
Dante Brown first grabbed comedian Jay Leno's attention at an open-mic comedy audition at Chicago's famed Second City and made his way to Zanies comedy club (where Jay got his start more than 20 years ago). In 2005, Dante cracked up The Oprah Show audience with this joke: "Why do elephants go swimming? To get their trunks wet!"

Not only is he funny, Dante has the moves too! Watch Dante get down! Watch  
Quincy Eaton

2. Quincy Eaton
Quincy Eaton was well-known by millions as the boy who danced his way to the dinner table in a popular McDonald's commercial. In 2008, Quincy told Oprah he'd been dancing for as long as he can remember. "When I start dancing, I usually can't stop," he said. His smooth moves even earned him the nickname "Happy Feet."
Cartier Williams

3. Cartier Williams
In 1999, Cartier Willams tapped his way into Oprah's heart when he was just 10 years old. Now, he's 21 years old and teaching dance in New York City. He also just released a dance DVD called Hoofing with the Basics.
Rickie and Erik

4. Rickie and Erik
Seven-year-old ballroom dancers Rickie Taylor and Erik Linder cut a rug on Oprah's stage on May 30, 2008. After two years of showcasing their talents in more than 20 competitions, Erik and Rickie waltzed, jived and fox-trotted their way to the USA Dance National Championships, where they took home a top prize!
Jalen Testerman

5. Jalen Testerman
After seeing the movie You Got Served, Jalen Testerman, a 7-year-old from Seattle, said he decided to teach himself to break dance. On November 17, 2008, Jalen performed flips, flares, spins and even balances on his head!
Kyle Avery Jones

6. Kyle Avery Jones
Kyle Avery Jones's parents say he was born with music in his soul. "When Kyle was about 3 or 4, we saw that there was something different about him," said Dalerie, Kyle's mom. "It was like he was a kid that stood out." He performed on The Oprah Show stage in 2008, when he was 13 years old.

See Kyle tap dance Watch  

George Sampson

7. George Sampson
Britain's Got Talent dancer George Sampson wowed the world with his gravity-defying dance moves in 2009. Simon Cowell even called this 15-year-old the "Rocky of dancing." Today, George is expressing himself as an actor on the hit British TV drama Waterloo Road.

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