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When it comes to giving, Oprah says it's the thought that counts, but in this "What were we thinking?" moment, our thought process was way off.

Year after year, Oprah has delighted unsuspecting audience members with the hottest ticket in town: Oprah's Favorite Things! In November 2008, the audience took their seats and couldn't help but notice that the set was decked out for the holidays. Could it be...?

It wasn't. "This year, just bringing real meaning back to the holidays is my favorite thing," Oprah said. "And today we're going to show you how to do that without spending a ton of money."

America was in the throes of the recession, so instead of giving away high-tech electronics, gourmet goodies and designer duds, Oprah decided to show viewers how to have a thrifty holiday—and it didn't go over so well with the audience. "Our little thrifty holiday show would forever be called 'the Favorite Things that weren't,'" Oprah says.
FROM: Oprah's Bloopers, Blunders and Funniest "What Were We Thinking?" Moments
Published on April 14, 2011


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