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Though Kirstie and Maks made headlines when they stumbled and fell during an April 2011 performance, they picked themselves right up and are dancing on. Kirstie says Dancing with the Stars has been a healing experience. "It's actually been cathartic for me because I felt like I was a little broken for a while and it gave me confidence back," she says.

Her weight losses and gains have been the subject of many tabloid stories, but Kirstie says she's worked hard to lose some weight and is in a good place now. "I spent the last 10 months working on myself, spiritually," she says.

The chemistry between Kirstie and her new dance partner also helps burn a few calories. "It's like a chemical reaction," Maks says. "It might explode any second—don't be fooled."

Move aside, Jamie Foxx—with Maks around, Kirstie has forgotten all about her old crush on Jamie. "Mr. Foxx, who?" she jokes.

After the show, watch Kirstie and Maks get personal backstage Watch
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Published on April 14, 2011


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