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Much of the buzz surrounding Ray centers on Jamie's chances at an Oscar® nomination. Jamie says that even this talk has opened doors: "I was in Italy, and Denzel Washington called me in his room. 'Yo, it's D. Get down here.' And I go down, and Denzel said, 'Yeah, I have some things to tell you. I don't want to put nothing on you, but I've been hearing you've got a chance.' As I'm talking to Denzel, I hear, 'Jamie Foxx.' And it was Al Pacino. And he's, like, 'Oh, come here, you. Come here.' And he's talking about it, too. And they're both giving the same advice: Do not get caught up in it; welcome it, but keep doing your art."

Jamie says it is an honor even to be considered for a nomination for an Oscar®. "To get advice from those guys, whether it happens or it doesn't happen, you get to go through that secret door."

He did it! Jamie celebrates his big win with Oprah!
FROM: Oprah Reveals the Next Big Thing
Published on October 19, 2004


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