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If I Did It portrays Nicole as a drug addict and implies she deserved what happened to her—and Denise says she isn't surprised. "First of all, Oprah, these children were not given back to him voluntarily. We had a court battle to try to keep these children. A judge gave these children back to this man," Denise says. "Would it surprise you that he had to trash [Nicole] and brainwash these kids to make himself look like he's the man and he's the hero and he had to protect these children? Nothing surprises me."

"I want people to know that the life that he is portraying of her being a drug addict, of her being a party person—all the things that he had to portray to make her sound bad—was 13 years ago. They did it in the criminal trial. He's doing it again in this book," Denise says. "The words of somebody like that, how can you believe anything that this man writes when you truly believe that this man murdered a man and a woman?"

Thirteen years after Nicole's murder, Denise says her sister's spirit is always with her. "What would she say? I think she'd be horrified. I think she would say, 'You know what? Just let my children grow up in a peaceful, loving place,'" Denise says. "'They're living on their own. Let them live their lives in peace. Leave them alone.' My sister was a very … all she wanted was the white picket fence. She was the type of woman that would give you the shirt off her back."

Denise calls Nicole an amazing mother. "She had gotten a Ferrari. Her Ferrari was the kids' limo," Denise says. "I mean, there were french fries in the gear, there were Cokes. … That's the type of person … stuff, it didn't mean anything. Her children were her life."
FROM: The O.J. Book Controversy: The Goldmans and Denise Brown Speak Out
Published on September 13, 2007