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Many of the details in Chapter 6 of Simpson's fictional book, "The Night in Question," closely match evidence presented by prosecuting attorneys in the trial. In the book, Simpson says that "something went horribly wrong" at the crime scene and that he can't remember how the murders actually happened. The book does say that he recalls seeing Nicole in the fetal position at the base of the stairs and Ron slumped against a fence in a large pool of blood outside her home. Crime scene photos presented at the trial showed the two bodies positioned exactly as Simpson described them in the book.

Despite these similarities and others, Simpson says his book is a hypothetical account. But Kim and Fred don't see it that way. "We read it and felt very strongly that this is his way of sort of setting the record straight," Kim says. "He speaks publicly about the fact that he hates people speaking on his own behalf, and he wanted an opportunity to tell it his way."

"Additionally, this isn't an innocent man writing a book like this," Fred says. "An innocent man doesn't write a book of how hypothetically he would decapitate the mother of his children."
FROM: The O.J. Book Controversy: The Goldmans and Denise Brown Speak Out
Published on September 13, 2007