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Oscar®-nominated actress Salma Hayek says Betty is a heroine she's always wanted to see on television. "I thought living in a country that is so obsessed with image, we have to have our Betty in the United States," Salma says.

Betty doesn't care about superficial things, says Salma. "All she cares is to do the best that she can and be the best that she can do—and she doesn't care about what anybody says. And she is the smartest person in there and the one you love the most," Salma says. "It's a little bit sarcastic for all those people that think that if you're not skinny and tall and 12, you're ugly."

Even Salma says she can identify with Betty. As a child, Salma was taunted for being short. "I think we all have something that people point out to you, especially when you're growing up," Salma says. "And then you point it out to yourself nonstop," Salma says.

The thing Oprah loves most about the show is that it focuses on true beauty. "This says that everybody is gorgeous in their own way," Oprah says.
FROM: What's the Buzz? Salma Hayek, Forest Whitaker and John Legend
Published on September 21, 2006


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