The New Faces of HIV/AIDS
Magic Johnson
In the early '90s, Magic Johnson was at the top of his game as point guard for the L.A. Lakers. One of the greatest NBA players of all time, had led his team to five NBA championships and made millions of dollars in endorsements. Then on November 7, 1991, he shocked the world by announcing he was HIV-positive and was abruptly retiring from basketball.

Now, 15 years after that shattering press conference, Magic is living a healthy lifestyle and feeling great. While rumors have spread that he either has been cured of the disease or has access to special medications due to his celebrity, Magic says these rumors are false. His good health is a direct result of his lifestyle, positive attitude and commitment to taking his medication.

Magic says he needs to stay healthy just to keep up with his own life. He works to educate people about HIV and AIDS, oversees an ever-expanding empire of real estate holdings and businesses, and serves as vice president and co-owner of his former team, the L.A. Lakers.