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The rapid rise to the top for Desperate Housewives has certainly changed the fame status of these stars. James Denton, who plays the sexy plumber, Mike Delfino, says he noticed it the first time he left Los Angeles.

"I guess in Los Angeles people are used to seeing people they recognize. When I went to New York to do some press, people were quicker to stop me. And that's when I realized: we've only been on two months; we've only been on 10 or 12 episodes now. That's what's so crazy. When you get out of L.A. and you're around people that aren't in the business you realize how widespread the following is."

In fact, while they were all in Chicago, James, Jesse and Ricardo were walking together along Michigan Avenue. "This girl stopped next to us at the crosswalk," James says. She looked at all three of them and James explains she said, "'So, like, you three guys are just going to walk around like it's no big deal?'"
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Published on February 03, 2005


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