Blue Mountains

This magnificent rock formation, known as The Three Sisters, stands more than 3,000 feet above sea level. It's just part of the 4,000 miles of vast wilderness that make up the Blue Mountains region.
Blue Mountains

Scientists believe the Blue Mountains were formed about 1 million years ago.
Blue Mountains

Australian Aborigines were the first people to inhabit the Blue Mountains.
Blue Mountains

In 1788, Governor Phillip named this area Carmarthen Hills and Landsdowne Hills, but when he saw the distinctive blue coloring of the mountains, the name was changed. The Blue Mountains get their name from the millions of Eucalyptus trees that envelope the area in a beautiful blue mist.
Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains are home to some of Australia's tallest waterfalls. Within the mountains are large cliffs from which the water plunges, and they're surrounded by lush green trees. Oprah Show Ultimate Viewers who visited these scenic sites stayed at Wolgan Valley Resort, which is set on its own conservation and wildlife reserve.
Blue Mountains

The temperature in the Blue Mountains region is a bit cooler than nearby Sydney because of the altitude. During their winter months—June, July and August—expect the temperature to be about 41 degrees, while in the summer the temperatures average about 64 degrees.
Blue Mountains

The Blue Mountains were once considered an impassible barrier, but in 1814, engineer William Cox and his team of almost 40 men built a road across the mountains.
Blue Mountains

There are more than 150 plant species found only in the Blue Mountains. Our Ultimate Viewers learned about the area's flora, fauna and other plant life during their daily excursions.

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FROM: Oprah in Australia: Ultimate Wildest Dreams
Published on January 12, 2011


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