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November 8, 2004
After finally discussing her weight with her mother and sister, Wynonna found there were many obstacles on her way to recovery and gained back the weight.

Find out why Wynonna became depressed

Seeing her own despair, Wynonna decided to take a drastic step. She told Naomi she needed space and shared how she delivered the painful news to her mother. "I had to write her a letter and say: 'I need some time. I want to figure out a way to disentangle without severing our ties. It feels like a death ... It's sort of like the death has to happen for the rebirth. I have to do some work right now and find out what it is I want from this relationship, because I want it to be different.'"

Still, Wynonna hoped to find the strength to change her life. "You fall down and you get back up. And I'm in the 'getting back up' stages," she said.
FROM: Exclusive: How Wynonna Judd Survived the Ultimate Betrayal
Published on September 14, 2010


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