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Vince and Amy met when they were working on a Christmas special in 1993 in Tulsa, Oklahoma. From the beginning, Amy says she was glad she met Vince. "I went, 'I know you. I know how you're wired,'" Amy says. "I think all of us, really, whether it's through a best friend or a sister, you want to feel like, 'I am made out of the same cloth.'"

Amy impressed Vince so much that he wrote the song called "All About a Smile" in her honor. "I thought when I walked away that I'd just seen the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen in my life," he says.

When they met, both Amy and Vince were married to other people. Years later, after both of their marriages ended, they reconnected. In 2000, the couple married in Tennessee. "I was glad he was in the world, and now I'm glad I wake up with him," Amy says. "That's how I feel."

Despite their star status, the down-home couple describes their life together with one simple word—normal. "That's, I think, what maybe drew us to each other, was the fact that we, neither one, took our success very seriously," Vince says.
FROM: Amy Grant, Vince Gill, Rascal Flatts, Kenny Rogers: Home for the Holidays
Published on November 30, 2007


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