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Oprah has interviewed thousands of guests over the past 21 seasons, but she says she'll never forget Faith, a dog who overcame great odds and brought hope to millions.

Born with severely deformed front legs, Faith was rescued by the Stringfellow family after the mother dog was found trying to smother her. Faith could only move by dragging herself along the floor, a habit the veterinarian said would rub a hole in her chest and chin. Although their vet recommended they put Faith down, the family chose to give her a home.

The family used spoonfuls of peanut butter to train Faith to walk on her two hind legs—like a human!

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Faith is one of Oprah's all-time favorite stories of hope. "She is a demonstration of what it looks like to persevere—what it feels like to say, 'I can do what I want to do. Nothing can stop me,'" Oprah says.

While visiting South Africa, Oprah says a young girl came up to her and said, "I loved your show with the dog with two legs because he made me believe I can do anything."
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Published on October 30, 2006


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