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Rani and Trong both thrived in their new homes. Years later, they met on a blind date. "I had a hard time trusting anybody. But after time, I saw his tenderness and that's what I fell in love with," Rani says.

Rani says she didn't learn about her husband's past until after they were married. "He was so traumatized and ... he hadn't found somebody throughout life to talk to," she says. "So once we got married, he felt comfortable and open."

Today, Rani and Trong are living the life they once thought was impossible. They have four children and a successful business building luxury homes in Olympia, Washington. They are using the profits from their business to help others.

Their non-profit organization, The Tronie Foundation, helps build shelters for children and women who are the victims of abuse or trafficking all around the world. "We've had past experiences, but we just don't want it to go to waste. We believe there's something we can do with it," Rani says. "For us, it's helping to build shelters for victimized children around the world."
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Published on October 30, 2006


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