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For years, Bette has been known for her bubbly personality and eclectic wardrobe. One of the most memorable outfits is a striped rayon dress that Bette wore on her first album cover. "I literally wore it out," she says. "It's got holes in it. But I loved it. I just loved it."

Bette also has the dress from the phone booth scene in The Rose and the little black-and-white number she wore on her first world tour. "When the designer came with a dalmatian fabric, I said, 'What are you trying to say about me?'" Bette jokes.

When Bette was nominated for an Oscar® for her performance in The Rose, she says she wore a beautiful kimono—but as a cover-up. "I think I had ordered a dress and it came in and I didn't like it, so I wound up putting a kimono over an old dress," she says. Although in recent years the Oscar dress has become almost as talked about as the award itself, Bette says back then it was no big deal. "In those days, you just threw something on and you went, you know?"

The last dress Bette pulls out from her wardrobe rack, a black dress with a "XOXO" detail, is very special to her—it's the dress she wore on Johnny Carson's next-to-last show. "That was one of the greatest nights of my life," she says.
FROM: Bette Midler: 62 and Heading for Vegas!
Published on January 28, 2008


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