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Sophie says growing up as the daughter of an icon had its perks, but not when it came to following the rules. "She was actually stricter than any of my friends' moms. I wasn't allowed to watch TV, I wasn't allowed to eat candy, I wasn't allowed to do this, I wasn't allowed to do that," Sophie says.

Sophie sums up the films she was allowed to watch as anything made before the year 1950. "I was only allowed to watch silent movies and musicals," she says. Bette's rule even extended to her own movies, like The Rose. "The language was too strong," Bette says. "There was stuff in it I didn't want her to know about. She was too young."

Sophie says she did eventually see the movie once she was old enough. "I think sometime in high school I watched it, and I thought it was amazing," Sophie says.

If Bette was this strict about movies, Oprah wants to know: What about dating? "Don't bring it up," Bette jokes.

Growing up, Bette says her parents had similar rules. "I had been brought up fairly strictly and I thought I turned out OK," Bette says.
FROM: Bette Midler: 62 and Heading for Vegas!
Published on January 28, 2008