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At 21 years old, Bette's look-alike daughter, Sophie, has stayed out of the limelight for most of her life. Instead, Sophie keeps busy at an Ivy League college as a sociology major with a concentration in East Asian studies. "Which sounds obviously really highfalutin and kind of annoying," Sophie says. "But I love it."

Sophie says she studied in China for a semester and hopes to go back to teach or work with a non-governmental organization after she graduates. "I just sort of want to take a year to do something that I'm not going to do as a career and just sort of have some good life experience, enjoy myself, get to know China a little better," she says.

Even with a successful parent in the business, Sophie says she was never attracted to the bright lights of Hollywood—which was a relief to Bette! "She was, like, 'If you ever go into the movie business, I'll never speak to you again,'" Sophie jokes.

Still, Sophie is very excited that her mom will be headlining in Las Vegas. "It will be great to live in a new city, a new town. See what Vegas is all about. See what the fantastic city has to offer, so I'm excited, definitely."
FROM: Bette Midler: 62 and Heading for Vegas!
Published on January 28, 2008


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