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When he appeared on the show, Jim told Oprah that while he had been "maintaining two separate worlds," parts of their marriage were authentic. "It's real for that moment. Of course it is," he says. "That's real because, I mean, you love that person."

Although she has asked herself many times if there were any warning signs, Dina says her physical relationship with Jim didn't give her any suspicions that he might be gay. "There was no red flag. You know, I had no complaints, and he never complained to me," she says. "I thought we had a normal relationship. There was absolutely nothing to indicate otherwise."

Despite all that happened, Dina says she continued to love Jim even after his announcement. "Feelings don't evaporate overnight. It's not like, 'All right, I want to turn off the switch and I'm not going to love him anymore," she says. "His marriage may have been a hoax, but my marriage was real. I still loved him."
FROM: Dina McGreevey, Estranged Wife of the Gay Governor
Published on January 01, 2006


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