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Three days before Jim held the press conference in which he told the world he is gay, he broke the news of his alleged relationship to his wife. When Jim appeared on The Oprah Winfrey Show in September 2006, he said he had told her "badly."

"Because you're not only saying it to the woman you love, you're saying it to yourself," Jim said. "She was sitting on the couch, and I just said to her that I had done something very wrong. I had been involved in another relationship. A relationship with a man. And she was…she was stunned."

Dina agrees that she was stunned at Jim's admission—but she disagrees with one part of his statement. "'The woman you love,' I don't think that was accurate," Dina says. "I think it was all just a charade for him."

According to Dina, Jim gave her the news in what she calls "cowardly installments." She says, "He sat me down and … he told me he had had a relationship. And I waited for him to tell me more, and I asked him, 'With whom?' and he told me. And then he said—again, he couldn't bring himself to telling me the truth—and said, 'It was sexual,' and then he paused, 'but not sexual.' And that's when I started to cry."

Dina says she was in shock after what Jim had told her. "It was all so new, and it just hit me like a ton of bricks, and I wasn't absorbing it," she says. "I just started to cry, and I said to him, 'What does that mean for us?' And he said, 'I need you more than ever.' … He had tears in his eyes, and I was just sobbing."
FROM: Dina McGreevey, Estranged Wife of the Gay Governor
Published on January 01, 2006


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