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Jennifer Lopez, co-star of the new film Shall We Dance?, portrays a dance instructor who teaches Richard Gere's character ballroom dancing…and lessons about life and passion.

"I loved all the ideas in it," Jennifer says. "The ideas about having to be fulfilled as an individual; having to have passion in your life. I'm a very passionate person, so that whole thing of having to be whole, to be good with other people. I just like that idea."

Jennifer explains that this movie is a bit like her life in the past year. "I took some time off after everything happened last year. And what I got down to is a little bit like this movie. Coming back to what's important in your life and why you started in the first place. And when I got back down to it…and I was, like, 'I'm an artist.' I like music. I sing. I act. That's what I like to do."
FROM: Richard Gere, Jennifer Lopez and Susan Sarandon
Published on October 08, 2004


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