Robert Downey Jr. and fiancé Susan Levin

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Who knew that the horror flick Gothika, starring Halle Berry, would spawn a love story? And yet, Robert met his fiancée, film producer Susan Levin, during the making of that movie in Montreal. "I was producing the movie, so it was like he was a teacher or an uncle," Susan says. "He wasn't someone I was considering getting together with. I was more worried, 'Is he going to show up for the day?'"

"I just feel like she's my best friend and we really get along well," Robert says of Susan. "And she also just calls me on everything. And she's multi-tasking squared. She's doing this and she's doing that. She's reading a script. She's pinning her hair. And it just blows my mind how capable she is in functioning in life. And she has a great sense of humor and she's a little bit crazy, too, because she's sitting right here next to me. We're getting married."
FROM: Robert Downey Jr.'s Brand New Life
Published on November 23, 2004